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Brand Representation

Amazon has become the world’s largest showroom. It’s more important than ever to protect the integrity of your brand and maximize your direct to consumer sales.


We’ve built our business through our decades of knowledge and expertise in our product categories and by understanding how to fill the needs of brand owners. In every regard; You stay in control while we do the heavy lifting.


Strategic partnerships enable teams to bring the best of their talent and strengths forward. Together we are able to increase sales, profit margins, and new product development. By aligning our expertise with the brand owner’s goals, we create the symbiotic relationships that continue to define our success.

Account Management

We cover every aspect of running the storefront. From purchase orders, to listing creation and photography. To FBA processing and logistics services. Ongoing sales management, reorders, marketing, repricing, ongoing optimization and new product development; Each step has an expert dedicated to its success.

FBA Logistics

With over 40 full-time employees, our warehouse & office provide all processing logistics, including Product work orders, FBA preparation, and shipping. Our team is responsible for preparing, bundling, and shipping thousands of products per day.

Visually Stimulating Photography
Our in-house photo team know that Amazon shoppers judge the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand based on the quality of your visual presentation.
Strong Content
We've built thousands of listings. Through the process, we are able to leverage tremendous data to help us refine our approach and strategy to each new listing.
SEO & Keyword Research
Decades of experience in the apparel market lets us marry our product knowledge with Amazon search term data to optimize for relevant and profitable search terms.
True Market Pricing
Data and repricing algorithms that allow each product to achieve its optimal pricing, maximizing profitable sales while continuing to grow its market share.
Open to Buy Planning
We understand the importance of focused open to buy planning as a means to maximizing overall profits. We bring decades of experience and know what it means to keep a healthy inventory.
Inventory Management
Our enterprise application software tracks every step of our inventory, from purchase order through final sale. We manage thousands of listings and know exactly whats happening with every one of them.
AI Advertising
By using algorithmic bid optimization alongside our unique campaign approach, we're able to effectively use the advertising platform to build long term listings and drive profitable sales.
Ongoing Optimization
As we get feedback from our customers, we modify our content to improve the shopping experience. As we gather data on search terms and sales conversion, we continue to optimize our back end to drive the right traffic.

We Build
Pages That Sell

Building a successful listing takes knowing the product and its positioning in the Amazon categories. It takes engaging the shopper with visually stimulating listings and listening to the customers’ feedback for ongoing optimizations.

The Lucky Strategy
Isn’t Just Luck

With over 25 years of Retail experience in Children’s and Women’s Apparel, Lucky 21 offers:


  • Processing Center: 50,000 ft2 dedicated to FBA
  • Reporting: State of the art reporting tools
  • Repricing: Demand based, true market repricing AI software
  • Advertising: Data driven PPC and video ad strategies
  • Photography: In-house Photography team and studio
  • Content Creation: leveraging consumer search trend data
  • Multi-pack: Capabilities to offer greater value based on economies of scale
  • Systems: Personalized data management software, proprietary reporting tools, API integrations, AI and automation

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